Free Augmented Reality app for education

The first free augmented reality (AR) app for universities has been launched by AR agency, Campus Interactive

Campus AR Browser allows universities, colleges and schools to trial the use of AR without having to invest large sums of money in AR technology. 

Campus Interactive Founder, Rupert Forsythe, explains: “AR has huge potential to enhance the campus and learning experience for schools and university students, but I’m very aware that investing heavily in new technology can be daunting for many institutions.  I want universities and schools to be able to experience what augmented reality can offer, and our free app, alongside a free trial, will enable them to do that.” 

Campus AR Browser is exactly what its name suggests – an augmented reality browser, much like Chrome or Internet Explorer is for the web, which allows anybody to access augmented reality material on any campus, or in any college or school, through one app.

Campus Interactive is currently working with institutions to provide them with a free trial, using Campus AR Browser, so that they can experience first-hand the benefits that AR can offer.  Plymouth University was one of the first to take up the offer and, using existing video material, augmented its Applicant Day Guide that prospective students and parents used when they attended the Applicant Day last month. 

Maya Orme-Lynch, Student Recruitment Officer at Plymouth University said: “We were very keen to start using augmented reality to enhance the visitor experience for anybody coming to Plymouth University, as well as the campus and learning experience for our students and staff. 

“Working with Campus Interactive has enabled us to begin this process, at no cost to the university, and to investigate the opportunities that augmented reality offers.  I believe that augmented reality should be an integrated part of the journey, from applicant, to student, to alumni and at Plymouth this is what we’re committed to providing.”