Free resources help teachers keep classes on track

Steps, a free package to help primary schools monitor pupil progression, is now available online

The resource features a comprehensive set of new curriculum progression sheets detailing key learning objectives and skills for English, science and mathematics, which both teachers and pupils can use to record progress and achievements throughout the year.

Developed by the EES Target Tracker team in conjunction with skilled practitioners and curriculum advisers, Steps has been designed to provide a coherent set of learning goals, covering everything from spelling, grammar and punctuation to geometry and algebra, to evolution and states of matter. As well as a detailed list of assessment criteria for teachers, pupils are provided with their own tracking sheets featuring I Can statements. Pupils can monitor their own progression, building their confidence and inspiring them to work towards the next goal or to improve upon the skills in which they are less confident.

Chris Smith, Head of Education Technology at EES, said: “Steps provides a solid framework for lesson planning and monitoring progress for teachers. This means teachers can be confident that all the key components of the curriculum are met. Steps allows teachers to support self-assessment by pupils, identify gaps and allow them to tailor the learning experience based on the needs of individual pupils. The information derived from Steps can then be used to inform conversations with parents, to provide other teachers with an accurate picture of pupils’ abilities during transition, and to support a school with its self-evaluation and undergoing the rigour of inspection. Steps can be integrated into Target Tracker to provide a fully comprehensive system of student progression.”  

The Steps sheets for teachers and pupils will be available for free at