Free school self-assessment tool launched by InfoMentor

The online tool will help school leaders in working towards a Mastery Learning education model

InfoMentor, a leading edtech provider of teaching and learning solutions, has launched a free online school self-assessment tool to support school leaders in making appropriate decisions to improve teaching and learning using a Mastery approach.

Socratess by InfoMentor is an analysis tool aimed at supporting school leaders in understanding where their school sits on the scale from traditional to Mastery Learning education models. By answering a series of fundamental questions, it will give leaders a better idea of the choices and decisions they need to make for their school to transition to a mastery-based learning system.

Richard Belson, UK Country Manager for InfoMentor, states “Socratess will really help leaders to analyse their school’s current education model and what they need to focus on to move towards Mastery Learning. Leaders can take part on an individual basis, or they can gain the most value from inviting all staff to complete the self-assessment anonymously, to obtain a wider overview of their school.” 

The free online school self-assessment tool will ask users a set of multiple choice questions based on parameters such as curriculum planning, teacher productivity and motivation, learning environment and pupil attitude to learning. From the answers provided, a bespoke analysis is produced that will guide schools on the steps they need to take to work towards Mastery Learning.

The Socratess school self-assessment tool is based on extensive pedagogical research carried out by the organisation’s education experts as well as highly-respected educators from around the world including Benjamin Bloom, John Hattie and Black and Williams. 

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