Future-proofing your teaching display quality

Sponsored: Since 2004, Proactive AV has installed thousands of audio visual solutions into schools, colleges and universities

Universities and colleges are key in an economy driven by knowledge and innovations. With a world-class reputation, higher education in the UK is known to encompass globally renowned teaching, high-quality technology and cutting-edge research. Our universities and colleges maintain their position as world leaders, but they must also be ready for the challenges of the future.

Competition between suppliers in any marketplace incentivises them to increase their offering to customers by giving them a greater choice of more innovative and better-quality products and services at lower cost. Higher education is no exception, and we feel that there should be no compelling reason for preferred suppliers to be protected from other suppliers offering higher-quality products which will enhance the teaching and learning experience throughout each site.

At a place which generates highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals, you would have thought that top-level classroom technology would be at the forefront of university requirements. It seems that this isn’t always the case, and colleges and universities continue to use projectors and screens which can be challenging for all involved in the lesson. Projectors project an image which creates shadows, glare and can be difficult to be seen in any type of bright light. They can also require ongoing maintenance and the bulbs renewed on a regular basis which, in a large university, can mean that staff are constantly walking around classrooms ensuring the projector solutions are still working! 

Compare this solution to a practically maintenance-free 75″ 4K interactive panel. The price is the same (or even better for multiple orders) and the screen displays an astonishingly bright image which will, typically, still be working at full brightness in 10 years’ time and which won’t be affected by sunlight. There is no ongoing maintenance involved and also no bulbs to buy and change. Even though some projectors used are interactive, why would any teacher use old technology to provide new teaching experiences?

The interactive panel is easy to use with a single power button and ports allowing the teacher to quickly connect their laptop via a mini-PC located behind the screen from a wireless keyboard holder or a laptop positioned on a separate bespoke shelf. The optional Android Module can be purchased for a tablet-like experience with access to the internet, digital whiteboard and mirroring and the built-in speakers are perfect for multimedia lectures.

So all-in-all the upfront cost is superior, the cost of ownership is superior and the usability is superior to the projector solution – why wouldn’t any university or college be interested in having a chat?

At Proactive AV providing our customers with the finest service is at the heart of our business. We have been around since 2004 and during that time we have installed thousands of audio visual solutions into schools, colleges and universities. Our focus is to provide a complete package which includes onsite demonstrations by our own technical pre-sales staff, installation by our own DBS approved engineers, an after sales training and support service and we’ll even take your old kit away for disposal. We are ISO9001 accredited and do what we say we do as detailed in our many case studies and references. 

If you would like to find out more please contact us via: tel: 01480 810405; email: ; web: www.proactiveav.co.uk

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