FutureLearn partners with New York Institute of Finance

NYIF is working with the online learning platform to deliver Wall Street’s online training programme in Mergers and Acquisitions

FutureLearn, the leading social learning platform, has announced its partnership with the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF), a global leader in skills-based training for the investment banking industry and related financial services. The partnership will see NYIF host a set of paid-for courses that lead up to a professional certificate in mergers and acquisitions aimed at financial analysts, associates, and directors and managers who have transitioned, or hope to transition, to mergers and acquisitions from other areas, such as equities or fixed income.

The Mergers & Acquisitions Professional Certificate Programme is comprised of five courses plus an exam. The programme is part of FutureLearn’s suite of credit-bearing courses, specifically aimed at offering learners the opportunity to gain credits for degrees, MBAs and professional qualifications. The first course in the programme, Mergers and Acquisitions: Concepts and Theories, began last week.

Learners who complete this set of courses on the FutureLearn platform will benefit from the social learning pedagogy that underpins the design of the platform, built from over 50 years of experience of digital storytelling and distance learning. Like all courses on the platform, this will incorporate the distinctive FutureLearn storytelling techniques, guiding learners through a compelling narrative composed of videos, articles, case studies and rich media features. Learners can engage in curated conversations throughout the educational material to enhance their understanding and to allow them to learn from each other in any location or time zone.

We look forward to working closely with FutureLearn to offer more courses in the near future to enhance the career opportunities of their learners with desk-ready skills in core areas of finance. – Anton Thenunissen, MD, NYIF

Additional courses include Mergers and Acquisitions: Advanced Theory, starting on 23rd October, Mergers and Acquisitions: Structuring The Deal, starting on 6th November, Mergers and Acquisitions: Free Cash Flow Modeling, starting on 27th November, and Mergers and Acquisitions: Accounting Principles, starting on 4th December. Once learners complete this set of courses, they then have the option to go on to complete an examination to earn a Professional Certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions from the New York Institute of Finance, a sought-after credential that leading financial services employers around the world know and trust.

Anton Theunissen, Managing Director at NYIF, said: ‘We are extremely pleased to offer our course on Mergers and Acquisitions to the FutureLearn community. The New York Institute of Finance has been a leading provider of financial training since 1922 and our Professional Certificate is for ambitious, career-focused professionals who understand the value of having a complete set of real-world skills, a natural fit for FutureLearners. We look forward to working closely with FutureLearn to offer more courses in the near future to enhance the career opportunities of their learners with desk-ready skills in core areas of finance.’

Nigel Smith, Head of Content at FutureLearn, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the New York Institute of Finance as our latest US partner. They have a fantastic reputation as a global leader in training for financial services and related industries and it’s great to be able to offer that expertise to our 6 million learners through their set of courses on Mergers and Acquisitions. Many of our learners are particularly interested in courses that will enhance their professional development so we expect this set to be popular with not only those already in the financial space but also those looking to expand their professional horizons or even entrepreneurs who want to prepare for their eventual exit strategy.”

Mergers and Acquisitions: Concepts and Theories’ costs £39.00 + shipping to complete and is part of the ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ programme. 

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