FXP game design festival launches for 2019

The STEM initiative aims to encourage engagement with computer science in East Anglia

The FXP Festival for game design and development has announced the launch of its 2019 event, running from 6–8 July.

Hosted annually by Cambridge Regional College, the FXP Festival is linked to the computer science curriculum, and aims to use computer games to increase interest in and uptake of STEM subjects.

Alison Taylor, co-founder of the festival, said: “FXP Festival is all about providing exciting progression opportunities for the young people in our region. By incorporating elements of the national curriculum, as well as sourcing valuable learning materials from our industry supporters, we aim to provide students with an important connection between what they learn in the classroom, their further and higher education options, and the exciting career opportunities right on their doorstep.”

FXP Festival is all about providing exciting progression opportunities for the young people in our region.
– Alison Taylor, FXP Festival

The festival includes a game design competition for school and college students, with categories on game concepts and game development. This year also sees the inclusion of a category on storytelling, which challenges students to work in teams of up to five to write and illustrate an original story for publication.

Taylor added: “In previous years it has been wonderful to see student teams come to FXP to try their hands at games development and, as a result, engage more with their computer science education. This year, we wanted to expand our reach to students that won’t necessarily have an interest in coding or games design, but might have a hidden flair for other important skills, such as creative writing and art.”

FXP Festival was developed by Cambridge Regional College, games company Jagex, North Cambridge Academy, and Conscious Communications.

FXP 2019 will take place from 6–8 July at the Rizing Games studios at Cambridge Regional College. The event is open to schools, colleges, home school groups, and out-of-school groups across East Anglia, and entry is free.

Teams can register their interest in the competition by emailing

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