Gamification and apps

Our experts reveal five of their favourite educational apps for games on the go

Carl Sheen, Genee World: ‘Learn Hub for primary schools includes activities such as word searches, quizzes, matching exercises, and number grids, all of which can be customised and modified by the teacher to cover Key Stages 1 and 2. ClassComm is an audience response software that allows all students to answer the teacher’s questions instantly and simultaneously, which can be used to check for any gaps in learning, or to gauge the opinions and understanding of students in the classroom. EpicWin is a gamified task list that allows users to input a list of jobs or activities that need to be completed, and turns them into quests that are undertaken with a digital avatar. This app is designed for personal organisation, and could be used for developing a revision checklist to cover all topics.’

Christine Capota, StoryArcMedia: ‘Poptropica is an adventure-based game for kids between the ages of 8 and 12, where they create a character and explore different islands within the open world. Each island has learning outcomes tied to a specific topic – for example there is an island called Mythology Island, designed to teach kids about Greek Mythology.’

 Simon Baddeley, Microsoft: ‘Minecraft the power to engage and motivate reluctant learners is something that has been reaffirmed to me many, many times. It uses an environment and a language that learners are already familiar with to break down barriers, level playing fields and flip the relationships within classrooms everywhere.”