Get ready for enrolment

Providing students with a secure learning environment

With January enrolment coming up, universities across the UK are preparing student ID cards for thousands of new students. At Essentra Security, we have supplied the education sector for over 20 years with a range of expert ID solutions. We make the enrolment period easy, taking care of the whole end-to-end process from installing your system to supporting you with experienced technical support.

Working in partnership with leading manufacturer, Entrust Datacard, a pioneer of ID card printing technologies, we have just announced the CD815 Smart Card Printer. This desktop printer can print cards compatible with access control and time management systems, complete with full colour photo, a signature, a barcode and smart chip for electronic security. This gives you the flexibility to create high-quality IDs tailored to your needs.

While student ID cards are used for visual identification purposes they can also be seen on campus today being used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Access control – authorise who can go where and manage access to restricted areas
  • Attendance monitoring – record attendance using a clock-in and clock-out system and collect data to save time on reporting
  • Cashless vending – make payments at the library, cafeteria, photocopier or on public transport using a card pre-loaded with credit or linked to an account
  • Faster processing – instantly replace lost or damaged badges quickly and efficiently

The ability to issue ID quickly cards is a fast and effective way to make sure all students and staff have the proper identification from enrolment onwards. With everything you need including software and accessories, save time and start the new year with a trusted ID solution in place.

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