Going Dutch

Implementing the use of tablets in schools is a growing global trend, with the Netherlands out in front. Jack-William Cantwell takes a closer look

The Netherlands has been making significant progress implementing technology in educational establishments over the last few years, and during the summer we saw a new initiative launched which aims to revolutionise how the pupils engage with the curriculum. 

04NT (Education for a New Era in English) is an organisation which offers a new teaching concept, focusing explicitly on the development of individual students, implementing the iPad as a key tool in the teaching method. The programme was launched in August 2013, and seven schools have since adopted the practice.

Apple iPads are used outside of the classroom as well as in lesson time, with the students having the ability to work on projects at home and submit essays and homework remotely. They do this through a collaborative and communicative app called ‘sCoolSpace’; where they can also interact with fellow students and teachers.

Students can have real time feedback and collaborate on group projects without the need for physical presence.

Parents are able to check in on the students work with the ‘iDesk Learning Tracker’ app; which allows them to monitor all collaboration and correspondence.

The 04NT initiative is one step closer to a fully integrated and paperless classroom, and initial reports suggest that children are enjoying the open and collaborative learning platform.

Tablets in the classroom

NovoClassroom is a tablet software package that introduces a new level of teacher/student interaction into the classroom. Vivitek, unveiled the new system at Bett 2013, and are now shipping to schools in the UK.

The software ensures the teacher remains in control at all times and can share content between their tablet and those of the students. It features presentation, instant response options and a two-way communication into its suite of features.

Simple to install and operate, NovoClassroom has been designed for the forward-thinking schools and academies looking to enhance the pupil learning experience with new technology.

“This is an exciting time for technology in education,” said James Hsu, operations director EMEA at Vivitek.

He added: “Young people have adopted tablets and mobile devices into their lives outside school and made it essential for schools and academies to embrace this development. NovoClassroom is designed to create a new level of teacher/student engagement through interactive features that immerse pupils in the learning process. I would recommend it forthat any school head or teacher looking for advice on where to start with interactive learning.”

NovoClassroom is interoperable with both iOS and Android tablets devices and also integrates with other classroom technology including interactive whiteboards and projectors. The system coordinates classroom interaction between teacher and students and incorporates presentation management, instant response and two-way annotation into its suite of features.