Greenfly, Lumberjack or Eco Worrier?

They’re just three of the characters you’€™ll find somewhere near a copier or multifunction printer in your organisation

Whatever your green agenda or policy on environmental issues and sustainability, they can play a key role in deciding whether it becomes reality or rhetoric.

If you can’t change the behaviour of The Lumberjack, you can change the user controls on your print devices. For The Greenfly, she may just need a reminder that print technology now has some smart, ‘green’ user features. As for The Eco Worrier, he may be surprised to discover how everything from paper to print supplies have evolved to be more environmentally responsible.

It’s easier for people to change their own behaviour towards environmental responsibility if you give them the tools to make it easy. That’s why Xerox is helping to change buyer behaviour by making it easy to find the ideal technology for educational establishments at an ideal cost.

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If you can’t spot any of these people in your organisation, your policy may be working. But what about some of the other characters? Has anyone seen a Paper Tiger recently?