HE students across the world invited to 300+ UK online courses

35 UK institutions are participating in Study UK’s ‘Learn online with a UK university’ campaign

35 UK universities have thrown open their virtual doors by signing up to the British Council’s annual Study UK campaign, launched on October 1.

Hosted on the Open University’s social learning platform, FutureLearn, ‘Study UK: Learn online with a UK university’ allows students from the across the globe to sign up to 325 massive open online courses from participating institutions.

Participants based in the 143 non-OECD countries are also being invited to benefit from a free upgrade

“Gathering such a multitude of courses on FutureLearn’s platform and placing them at the fingertips of learners in all parts of the world demonstrates the breadth and openness of the UK higher education system,” said Fiona Samson, director of the Study UK campaign. “I strongly encourage all learners to take full advantage of this great opportunity and to see what the UK has to offer.”

Students can complete as many courses as they wish, in fields including robotics, sustainability, human anatomy, video game design, and many more.

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Would-be participants based in the 143 non-OECD countries are also being invited to benefit from a free upgrade, offering access, tests and assessments at no additional cost. Capped at one per learner, a total of 50,000 free upgrades will be available until January 31.

300,000 learners from 130 countries have won free certificates from FutureLearn’s UK university partners since Study UK launched its first ‘Learn online with a UK university’ campaign in 2017.