How can I persuade my colleagues to embrace lecture capture?

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All across the landscape both in education and in business, video is still something of a new tool. In every single one of those conversations, we can count on hearing something new — a new use case or application, a new technical connection, a new result that leads to a new proposal or project. 

Yet while every organisation has its own unique challenges, there is much common ground we all share. And as is true for nearly every new tool, one of the single most common questions we hear — especially in the early stages of adopting a video platform — is simple: how can I get more of our people using the system? 

Although today some institutions have moved to an ‘opt-out’ policy for lecture capture, asking academics to justify why they wouldn’t record their classroom sessions, such a policy is far from the norm. 

At most universities, staff opt-in to record their lectures and often, at the beginning, there can be hesitancy about capturing their classrooms. Why? Well, as Duncan MacIver, Head of Elearning at GSM London, discussed in a recent guest blog post, there are several myths about lecture capture that cause some academics concern. Many fear that students will stop coming to physical lectures, others worry that their university will replace them with their recording. For some, there is a concern that they won’t be able to get to grips with the technology required to create the lecture recording and others simply don’t see how it will improve what they’re already doing. 

For anyone trying to champion a lecture capture project, these objections can be a source of frustration and can delay the implementation of the whole initiative. So how you can persuade others to embrace lecture recording and transform staff from sceptics to advocates?

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