How retailers have evolved to supply printer ink on-demand

As we become accustomed to printing instantly, the demand for printer consumables has increased significantly
The effect that technology has had on the supply and demand of products over the past couple of decades is untold. The printer consumables industry knows this all too well, with the ever increasing accessibility and connectivity of printers through our numerous devices and networks, making the demand for inks and toners higher than ever before, even in a society that is often perceived as being ‘paperless’.
School children are now using tablets in their day-to-day lives and technology is something that is certainly encouraged in schools. However, the need to print is still as high as ever.

Let’s create a scenario to demonstrate how easy it is to consume an ink cartridge. A photo printer cartridge should yield about 130 photos that are 10 x 15 cm. If all students in a class of 30 were asked to print out four photos on this a photo printer, as part of a creative classroom project, then the ink cartridge would be almost finished. This is not such a far-fetched scenario in this day and age, because if each of the students had use of a tablet, with a built in camera and storage space for hundreds of photo’s, then one student alone could use the entire ink cartridge in one go.

If you are fully up-to-date with the latest technology and have all of your devices connected either through a wireless network or via a cloud such as Google’s Print Cloud, then you will have simply selected each and every photo that you wanted printing and sent them to print from your printer, all in one go at the click of a button on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

As we become accustomed to printing instantly anywhere and everywhere, the demand for printer consumables has increased significantly and it is this area that a solution to ordering and supplying printer ink on demand has been addressed by Find My Supplies.

If you can print any number of things from devices that you can carry around in your pocket, to any number of printers on a network or assigned to a cloud, then there is also the need to supply printer consumable, quickly and efficiently. If this doesn’t happen, then the seamlessness that this technology gives us falls flat on its face, because ink needs to be replaced.

Find My Supplies are the leading supplier of HP inks and toners. They offer and an easy to use website, that offers a full range of ink and toner products, which you can compare against each other to find the ideal product for your printing needs.

Find My Supplies have looked at these needs of their customers, who require ink supplies and have found that their expectations have vastly changed, now that an ever increasing number of services are at an individual or establishments fingertips, when using mobile and tablet devices. With this in mind, Find My Supplies have understood the demand for ordering inks and toners and have made it easier than ever to purchase printer consumables.

The Find My Supplies website has been optimised for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile so that you can order inks and toners anywhere and everywhere. What’s more is that Find My Supplies offer free next day delivery, which means you could have your original HP ink and toner delivered within 24 hours of ordering it.

Gone are the days of waiting for a delivery of ink to your office, educational institute or home. You can be sure that loss of printing services is avoided and printing on HP printers is something that goes uninterrupted.