Immersive Labs introduces The Digital Cyber Academy

Game-changing training platform closes the skills gap through real-world training to identify cyber skills in students regardless of degree discipline

Immersive Labs, the highly accoladed UK cyber security startup that helps companies identify and develop talent through a unique cloud-based cyber training and assessment platform, will launch The Digital Cyber Academy (DCA) on October 19th, at Level 39, Canary Wharf, London. The DCA encourages full-time students around the world to develop cyber skills by immersing users in real-world exercises through online cyber labs and establishing a global leaderboard that can be used by employers and recruiters to fill the cyber security skills gap.

The Academy will be introduced by Robert Hannigan, Ex-Director of GCHQ, who said of Immersive Labs’ gamifiied method to cyber training: “Identifying, developing and measuring practical cyber security skills is the great challenge for all companies today. The Immersive Labs approach is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in this space: scalable, agile and appropriate to the way a new generation learns. It has the potential to disrupt and transform this crucial market.”

During the launch event, Immersive Labs CEO & Founder, James Hadley, will also demonstrate how The DigitalCyber Academy can help close the cyber skills gap by identifying and developing cyber skills in anyone who is willing to learn.

“We have acknowledged that academic background has little bearing on an individual’s ability to develop much-sought-after cyber skills,” explained James Hadley, Immersive Labs CEO & founder. “The Digital Cyber Academy will enable millions of students to develop knowledge and hands-on skills, allowing them to be recognised as highly cyber-skilled by potential employers. We’re looking forward to building a community of cyber security talent from around the world, on a single platform.”

About The Digital Cyber Academy

The Digital Cyber Academy is a global online cyber skills platform that streams real-world exercises on demand, through browser-based labs. Users are immersed in real challenges and must continually develop their skills to complete the exercises. Gamification is at the heart of every lab, meaning users are rewarded for each one they complete. The more they complete, the higher up the leaderboard they rise.

Anyone in full-time study in the UK, US, Australia and Singapore can sign-up to The Digital Cyber Academy.

The academy will change the face of cyber skills training on a global scale, and by abandoning the traditional classroom-based training model, it enables academics of any discipline to identify and develop the skills required to make the journey towards becoming a cyber ninja.

Unlike other training programmes, Digital Cyber Academy students never graduate. Cyber threats continually evolve, so students must keep pace and develop their skills in order to keep their place on what is a globally competitive leaderboard. Leaderboards mean users can benchmark their skills against others worldwide. It also means employers can identify real-world cyber talent, which isn’t determined simply by training certificates. It’s talent, contextualised.

Digital Shadows and borwell are two cyber security companies already seeing success with the early adoption of the Immersive Labs assessment and training platform.

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