Improve business processes with Fujitsu

The Fujitsu ScanSnap provides environmental, streamlining and cost benefits to Ryburn Valley High School

Ryburn Valley High School’s Student Services department identified that the large amounts of paperwork necessary to their day-to-day work was a time-consuming activity. These administrative tasks could be alleviated in order to create more time to devote to other forms of student support. By installing a Fujitsu ScanSnap, the attendance and bursary offices have seen remarkable improvements in all administrative processes involving paperwork. This has had a positive impact on the everyday lives of teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students and parents of the school.

The latest addition to the ScanSnap brand sees a number of new features and functionalities that take scanning to the next level in terms of hassle free capture, impressive extraction and intuitive release to a host of destinations. Improve business processes and experience the benefits the new ScanSnap iX1500 can bring to your organisation whether you are looking to update your existing scanner model or are taking that first step on your digital transformation journey.

Ryburn Valley High School introduced the iX1500 to complement the ScanSnap iX500 that they use in their Student Services department. The scanner has been used for various purposes. Overall, it has meant that all information regarding a student can be quickly digitalised and circulated to teachers via the Scan-to-email function. Teachers are constantly connected to email so this is the quickest way of getting information, such as absence notes, to them; and the risk of losing bits of paper has been eliminated. The scanner has also been used to communicate better with students and thus improve their learning experience. For instance, when a student is off sick, classwork they have missed can be digitised using the scanner and sent to them at the push of a button, allowing them to catch up remotely; therefore, they do not miss out on their important lessons. “The Student Services department has been using the ScanSnap iX500 for a number of years, and are applying its use to various different areas of their day-to-day activities. The equipment is fast and easy to use, and produces very high quality scans, which makes everything much easier for them” – Mark Thorley, Network Manager, Ryburn Valley High School

The positive impacts

Green issues are particularly important for Ryburn Valley High School; and the environmental impact of the scanner has been felt considerably. Staff members recognise the dramatic reduction in the use and waste of paper that the scanner has facilitated, as there is not as much need to print out hard copies for wide circulation. The Student Services department is therefore proud to be able to make a valuable contribution to the school’s green and eco-friendly ambitions. When it comes to student absences, students and their families have benefited from the simpler and faster processes that the scanner has enabled. If a student is to be taken sick, for instance, they and their parents can be sure that the necessary absence notes have been circulated, so that all the necessary people are aware of the whereabouts of the student. On the bursary side, implementing this system of managing paper has made the lives of students receiving financial support, and that of their families, much easier. The school can now process their cases quickly, knowing that all the necessary evidence and information around each student’s case is stored safely and can be accessed easily. The procedure for ensuring that students receive the necessary financial support therefore has been simplified. “We are seeing the benefits in various ways, such as communicating with teachers and parents, and improving the student’s learning experience. The amount of time that the scanner has saved us is astronomical – it’s amazing that one little machine can do such good” – Sue Thompson, Attendance and Bursaries Officer, Student Services, Ryburn Valley High School.

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