In2ScienceUK launches pilot to improve social mobility in STEM

The non-profit is partnering with the Royal Society to provide STEM work placements for underrepresented groups

STEM charity In2ScienceUK is partnering with the Royal Society to pilot a work placement scheme for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.

The programme will start in January 2020 and will place students with research fellows from the Royal Society, allowing them first-hand experience of STEM careers.

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Veronica Van Heyningen, chair of the Royal Society’s Diversity Committee, said: “This scheme will support and inspire students from all backgrounds to pursue careers in STEM. The skills and insights offered by the sciences and maths enrich the country’s economy and environment. Scientific progress is most often delivered by the teamwork of widely diverse individuals.”

Students participating in the programme will also have access to integrated workshops and public engagement competitions, and will receive guidance on university applications to encourage them to pursue STEM through higher education.

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Dr Rebecca McKelvey, CEO and founder of In2ScienceUK, said: “As well as being able to capitalise on the history and heritage of a fellowship made up of the most eminent scientists, engineers and technologies, leverage its passionate research community will be a game-changer in supporting more disadvantaged young people to gain valuable insight into the rewarding experiences a career in STEM affords.”

More information for students is available at