Innovating in leaps and bounds

Tristam Hunt, shadow secretary of state for education, discusses education and innovation in Stoke-on-Trent

The role of innovation and technology in education was the main topic of discussion during the recent visit of the shadow secretary of state for education, Tristam Hunt, to the Innovation Qube in Stoke-on-Trent. Mr. Hunt congratulated the bITjAM and YMCA North Staffordshire teams for launching the new research and design centre and offered to support their work as much as possible.

The Innovation Qube was officially opened at the beginning of March to provide young people in the region with future-proof skills, a better understanding of technology and the inspiration to use it creatively. The Innovation Qube will make use of cutting edge technologies to host workshops, seminars and hacklabs, to help young people, private companies and third sector organisations. 

bITjAM encourages its customers and partners to approach technology with an open mind. Whether the project is based on introducing interactive technologies into the classroom, changing the way education is delivered, or creating data visualisation tools that help companies monitor their marketing and management progress, bITjAM’s work encourages the creative interaction between people and technologies.

“bITjAM has embarked on a very brave mission,” explained Tristam Hunt, shadow secretary of state for education and Labour member of parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central.

“The Innovation Qube can do more than equip young people with essential coding skills and a creative approach to technology; it can also strengthen the link between the education and the private sector. It offers young people further opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

Tristam Hunt

“Mr. Hunt’s visit was the perfect occasion to discuss how local Government can support initiatives like the Innovation Qube and raise the profile of the region,” enthused Ben McManus, creative director and co-founder of bITjAM. “Stoke-on-Trent is not just as a great place for business investment, but also an excellent area for young people to build and consolidate their careers.”

Further research and events at the Innovation Qube will focus on exploring how technology can be used creatively to improve the lives of individuals as well as business practice. The research and design initiatives will focus on rapid prototyping, concept designing, modelling, data analysis and visualisation, computer aided design (CAD), hacklabs and crowdsourcing.