Innovation in online platforms

Succeedin discuss meeting the challenges of delivery by harnessing knowledge and experience through technology

Succeedin provides the only innovative online platform enabling improvement in quality, consistency, sustainability and enjoyment of PE for teachers and students, from Key Stage 1&2 through to FE.

It provides full progressive curriculum content across over 14 sports, plus a large number of tools which simplify the whole process of planning, designing, communicating and delivering a curriculum; content and clear guidance on delivering visual and multi-media lesson plans; progression and attainment and activity based reporting.

It has clear benefits for teachers, schools/FE/clubs and students, up-skilling teachers, giving valuable time back to teachers and improving the engagement and enjoyment for the student. 

Plan – Simple and effective tools to plan a full PE curriculum, map, timetable and detailed lesson preparation 

Deliver – Visual and engaging multimedia content for you and your pupils to deliver effective and enjoy PE lessons

Measure – Capture results, simply, effectively – when and where you want to.  Track progress, prove impact.

Succeedin’s vision is to revolutionise the PE education sector right from grass roots into further education. We are doing by providing an online platform containing a range of simple to use tools that enable improvement of PE across all year groups.

At the Primary level we have created a full set of online lesson plans and tools to organise, plan, monitor and measure the impact and benefit of PE, crucially giving time back to teachers by speeding up curriculum development, PPA both in and out of school. At both Primary and higher levels of education we provide tools to develop and share visual lesson plan content amongst groups, organise events and competitions.

At all levels we are working with the established market, such as specialist coaching companies, SGOs and other product or service vendors to enhance value back to schools, Universities and clubs. 

Come and visit us at the Bett Show at stand G99 from the 20th-23rd January and book yourself into the Primary Live Theatre on Wednesday 20th @11.15 to hear us talk about a journey of one school meeting the challenges of delivery by harnessing knowledge and experience through technology. Developing its teacher’s skills, capability and confidence through the use of Succeedin’s Lesson and Curriculum planning tools within its existing budget.

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Solving the lost learning Crisis

Wednesday December 8, 11AM (GMT)