Is Print your weakest link?

Stephen Young, Xerox Public Sector Framework Manager asks: when you think of tech security, what springs to mind first?

Is it a smartphone? Tablet? Internet access? What about your photocopier or Multi-Function Printer (MFP)? After all, it does store data, it could be networked and it could be open to misuse.

You may have seen the recent news about a hacker playing the game Doom on a printer user interface. Not malicious, perhaps, but it’s why we’ve integrated security features, including McAfee embedded software, that protect and stops hackers gaining access to your confidential data.

Students in the dark

We’ve shared with you in the past the positive impact colour has on communication, retention and learning. Teachers around the country are under increasing pressure to develop more dynamic, interesting and effective lesson plans, however, we often find the supporting colour rich hand-outs fail to materialise. The experience leaves them downhearted and the students in the dark.

In fact, on average 43% of the student population receive paper based hand-out’s every day in class and the majority of these documents are still produced in black and white, even though they often include pictures, graphs and charts.

Fortunately, printing in colour is now much more affordable. Through managed government framework agreements, with approved suppliers, pre-negotiated pricing, robust terms and conditions and even on-line purchasing, the education sector can address this issue with confidence.

40% of orders now online

Traditionally, this sector has procured print equipment via direct face to face contact, from a host of print manufactures and dealers. Now this is definitely changing. We’re experiencing schools becoming more confident in buying standard products and services on-line. For example, our on-line procurement portal,, is growing rapidly receiving over 2,000 visitors every term and offering savings of over 40%.

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