Jan/Feb issue of Independent Education Today has landed!

In ‘The Arts Issue’ we explore the future of creativity and how independent schools are embracing STEAM


This month, schools are alive with the sound of music! I am delighted to introduce ‘The Arts Issue’, which is the first time we have dedicated the magazine to the wonderful world of the arts. I was keen to showcase the arts in independent schools as I have noticed that more and more schools are highlighting STEAM. As Victoria Smit, Principal at Hurst Lodge School, says in our special report on page 13: “Without the arts and its huge skills set, the world would be a very dry and uninviting place.” Indeed, this issue is buzzing with pictures of pupils enjoying the arts and passionate words about the power of creativity.

Elsewhere, on page 39, Simon Fry reports on how bursaries and scholarships expand the reach of an independent education. It is always heartening to hear how independent schools can change lives through their bursaries and scholarship schemes.

Finally, we review some fantastic events from last year, from WIRED Next Generation on page 35 to the GSA Annual Conference 2017 on page 36. Plus, we look towards the big events in 2018, with Bett just around the corner on page 33 and the Education Show on page 38.


As always, if you have a story to share please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can reach me by emailing .