July/August edition of IET is out now!

The July/August issue of Independent Education Today magazine is now available to download from our website and app store

Hot off the press, the latest issue of IET includes news, views and features from the independent education sector. 

Features include:

  • End of year report: we ask key figures in the independent sector to reflect on 2014-15 and consider future prospects
  • Performing arts case study: how schools are pulling out all the stops
  • The power of play: why we should let children be children
  • Hilary Moriarty on the ISC census
  • Building an e-safety culture
  • The rise of the coffee shop
  • Keeping it green: biomass energy solutions
  • Government policy: what’s in store following the election
  • Money: how to recover unpaid school fees

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Solving the lost learning Crisis

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