Kids suffer ‘digital hangovers’™

70% of children feel their parents are glued to their mobile phones, whilst 60% of parents believe their kids spend too much time on their devices

The research also revealed 20% of kids believe their parents put work before their family, whilst 40% admit they sometimes communicate with their parents by text, email, and social media at home, when they’re in another room.

It’s therefore no wonder that more than 40% of parents agree that they and their children suffer from digital hangovers, with symptoms ranging from tiredness and fatigue to irritability after using mobile devices at night. 

And it’s not just in the home where families are hooked on their gadgets, with a quarter of parents surveyed admitting that on a family day out or holiday they and their child will have their mobile devices with them at all times. 

The research was conducted by the New Forest National Park Authority, which has now launched a novel solution to get families talking. The world’s first Tech Crèche allows users to leave their car keys and digital valuables in a secured vault, which they can collect whenever they wish. What’s more, kids wanting to let their parents know they want more family time, or vice versa, can do so by downloading a free Tech Crèche voucher from the New Forest NPA website, which simply asks for more quality family time.

Mark Holroyd, Transport and Tourism Manager at the New Forest National Park Authority, said: “Technology is a wonderful thing, but, it has also impacted on the way that families behave with each other. Whether it’s droning sat navs, bleeping emails or Twitter alerts, families are constantly distracted from spending quality time together. 

“As such, we’re delighted to be launching this campaign to get families talking again, with a new video voiced by the comedian and impressionist Phil Cornwell, and of course the Tech Crèche itself.

“The Tech Crèche is the first of its kind, a safe place for your car keys and devices for a real break from modern day pressures. And where better than the natural beauty of the New Forest National Park to swap screen time for play time surrounded by ancient woodlands and free roaming ponies. 

“Also, with the ease of public transport into the New Forest, we’d recommend taking the train or bus here, as it starts off the day in a fun and relaxing way, and we have excellent ways of getting around the forest without needing a car, whether it’s a family bike ride, hopping on the Beach Bus or the best views from the open-top New Forest Tour.”