LapCabby introduces new compact range LapCabby Lyte

New range perfect for industries looking to deliver a digital service on a limited budget

Leading ICT Storage provider, LapCabby has announced the release of its new range of ergonomic and compact charging and storage solutions, LapCabby Lyte. 

In a period of reduced budgets within education, LapCabby Lyte provides both a cost effective and health and safety certified solution for schools that still want to provide their students access to the best devices, apps and digital services.

LapCabby Lyte completes LapCabby’s encompassing range of products to support smaller spaces and device deployments. It combines all of the existing renowned LapCabby features such as unsurpassed EN safety certification, robust construction, cable management, lifetime warranty and the trademark colorful designs – with space-saving desktop storage, floor standing and wall-mounted solutions to maximise possibilities for different environments.

Although primarily targeted at the education sector initially, the new product range can be used across any sector that is looking to deliver a digitised customer service through devices including healthcare, corporate, retail and hospitality.

The range includes:

  • Lyte Single – Perfect for securing multiple devices with a single key locked door

Lyte Single, available in multiple sizes, provides static storage for 10, 16, 20 or 32 devices up to 15” including Chromebooks, laptops and tablets, all within a single compartment and one key locked door.

  • Lyte Multi – Created to secure and charge individual devices

Lyte Multi, available in multiple sizes, provides static storage for 10, 16, 20 or 32 devices up to 15”including Chromebooks, laptops and tablets, offering secure charging and storage for BYOD users with programmable digital key pad access on a door-per-device.

  • Lyte Mini – Designed to secure and charge smaller devices

Lyte Mini is a 10 or 20 mini device charging cabinet with single locking doors or 10 individual doors to secure charging and storage for BYOD users with digital key pad access on door-per-device.

  • Lyte Wall – The ultimate space saving solution for wall-mounted storage  

Lyte Wall provides compact and secure storage for 10 or 20 tablets up to 15” with a single key locked door, designed fully assembled with wall fixings included.

Chris Neath, Head of Product Development, LapCabby, said: “As the Government continues to tighten budgets, schools are in need of cost effective ways of providing access to the latest technology, while still ensuring the highest standards in regards to health and safety. With this in mind, we are delighted to launch LapCabby Lyte as a solution for schools striving to provide the best of breed digital classroom. 

“We can also see multiple potential applications for Lyte in complementary sectors as well organisations looking at how devices can help them streamline their operations – without compromising the end user experience. This makes Lyte an exceptionally exciting announcement as it empowers us to diversify competitively into new markets.” 

In addition to Lyte range, LapCabby will also be launching a range of charge only products, to their popular and portable Boost+, DeskCabby and GoCabby lines.