80% of organisational skills will be reprioritised due to digital transformation

A new white paper from the Learning Technologies Group provides a vision of the future workforce

Learning Technologies Group (LTG), a pioneer of workplace learning and talent solutions and services, has released a new white paper on the reskilling crisis, driven by a forecast which states that 80% of organisational skills will need to be revised due to digital transformation.

Written by Piers Lea, chief strategy officer at LTG, the white paper identifies the five main factors impacting businesses and employees:

1. Increasing complexities in business operations and work
2. The constantly accelerating pace of change
3. Unprecedented demographic shifts that are shrinking talent pools
4. An increasing need for sustainable productivity to create a competitive advantage
5. Changing employee expectations around work and the workplace

“Today’s CEOs know that you can no longer hire your way to success. Talent shortages, combined with increasingly complex technological and workforce demands mean that now is the time to reskill our workforces. We believe that this starts by reinventing and joining together two parts of the business that have often been separated: learning and talent,” said Lea.

“It’s estimated that by 2022, nearly 80% of organisational skills will need to be reprioritised or revisited because of digital transformation. Reskilling helps organisations withstand the disruptive pressures already taking place in our daily lives, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. With this white paper, we hope to shine a spotlight on what we see as the way businesses, in the face of overwhelming change, can close the gap between current and future capability.”

The white paper, A Human Framework for Reskilling: How 5 Seismic Forces Are Driving the Reinvention of Learning & Talent, is now available as a free download on Learning Technologies Group’s website.

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