Life after levels

RM Integris will help you define the way you will measure the attainment and progress of your learners

Every school has been considering how to implement the Government’s changes to assessment; the removal of National Curriculum Levels offers you flexibility and choice but equally brings change and uncertainty. RM Integris will help you define the way you will measure the attainment and progress of your learners.

If you are seeking a standardised assessment approach, then our templates created in conjunction with the National Association of Head Teachers framework on assessment, will provide you with readymade mark books and assessment plans, where the curriculum statements, assessments and progress tracking of your pupils was designed by your peers. You can be confident that the approach will support the development of your pupils in line with many other schools adopting the NAHT framework across the UK

Alternatively, RM Integris is flexible, giving you complete control of assessment across your school. You can define, create and perfect the right assessment framework for your pupils and RM can lend a helping hand at any point if that is required.

By aligning contextual pupil data with assessment and progress information, RM Integris guarantees that you can intervene, stretch, and develop learners quickly, ensuring each and every child in your school achieves their potential.

This choice of two approaches is focussed on giving you control over assessment and progress in your school whilst making it as simple and easy as possible. The approach you choose will match the learning style of your pupils and give you the peace of mind that you have the best assessment approach for all.

Now the Standards and Testing Agency have published the guidance for Interim Teacher Assessments, find out how RM Integris Can support your individual school needs with our ready built mark books that support both formative and summative assessments. To find out more, contact 

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