Lost in translation

Midlands-based Jigsaw School Apps help solve parental engagement problems for schools with language translation feature

All schools have some hard-to-reach parents. For many, language could be a barrier, as not all parents have English as their first language. With a Jigsaw School App parents can choose which language they would like to read the school’s information in. Over 70 languages are available and the app automatically translates all the content entered by the school.

Children often lose the notes with important information from school, only for parents to find them screwed up at the bottom of their bags at the end of term. These days, there are many mediums teachers can use to communicate with parents, including websites, group emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter. The more recent addition to this list is the smartphone app, which has the potential to make information even more accessible to parents who place a premium on convenience. 

The apps – which are free for parents to download – will send the information right to their phones wherever they are. There’s a push notification too – so they are alerted to anything new immediately.

The apps also have a survey feature where schools can pose questions with multiple-choice answers and get parent feedback straight away. Many are using the apps for Ofsted’s Parent View surveys.

Additional features are currently in development and will be released at a later date. These include a photo gallery, absence reporting, permission slips, a booking system for parents’ evenings, and integration with websites and digital signage.