MakerBot launch 3D printing guide

New MakerBot Handbook helps educators and students get started with lesson plans and hands-on 3D design projects

Desktop 3D printing experts, MakerBot, have published a handbook designed to provide educators with a wide variety of ideas, activities, and projects to get started with 3D printing. 

Titled MakerBot in the Classroom: An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design, the handbook includes an introduction to 3D printing and a range of hands-on 3D design lesson plans.

MakerBot has also launched a new MakerBot Education landing page with further ideas and resources to support the integration of 3D printing in the classroom, such as real-world MakerBot stories, videos, and challenges for teachers and students. For example, MakerBot recently launched five Thingiversity Summer STEAM Challenges on MakerBot Thingiverse, the world’s largest 3D design community, to encourage students, teachers, and librarians to try 3D modeling at home over the summer. The MakerBot 3D Ecosystem also includes hardware, materials, learning, software, and apps like MakerBot PrintShop for iPad, which allows students to turn 2D drawings and sketches into physical objects.

“3D printing is a powerful tool in the classroom and provides engaging experiences that motivate students to excel,” said Jonathan Jaglom, CEO of MakerBot.

He added: “This handbook is part of our broader MakerBot Education initiative, which aims to provide teachers, professors, librarians, and students with access to the resources and tools they need to embrace 3D printing. We will continue to work together with educators to build out the leading MakerBot 3D Ecosystem to address their specific needs.


The new guide is free digital download for registered MakerBot customers and a sample project chapter will be available free to anyone who registers on