Maplesoft: full STEM ahead

Sponsored: Michael Pisapia, Maplesoft VP Europe, discusses adopting Maplesoft technology in the classroom to teach STEM courses more effectively

More and more, institutions are finding that they must provide digital education options if they want to meet the needs and expectations of their students, and that using the right digital assets has the potential to vastly improve student outcomes in ways other technologies have not been able to.

Modern online learning tools – such as Maple T.A., Maplesoft’s testing and assessment software, and Möbius, Maplesoft’s online courseware platform – are now interactive and adaptive, and can be personalised to student needs. This leads to competency-based learning, which allows instructors to assess exactly where students are in the learning process. For first time, we don’t have to teach the same way to each student. We can assess where they are and adapt the materials to their particular needs. This allows instructors to teach at the maximum speed possible while ensuring students understand what is being taught.

Maplesoft offers unique solutions for online learning, designed specifically to address the specialised requirements for delivery of STEM courses. Our software is currently used by 90% of higher education institutions across the world – a reflection of the strength and effectiveness of these solutions.

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