May issue of Independent Education Today is out now!

In this issue, Independent Education Today prepares for the future with a technology special

The Technology Issue 


There is something happening in the independent school sector. In fact, there isn’t just something, there is a lot happening in your schools. From a determination to challenge stereotypes in STEM (page 30) to ambitious plans for international expansion (page 22), the world is your oyster. This impressive thinking can be seen throughout the pages of this magazine, and I am always thrilled to find another thought-provoking story in my inbox.

This month, the conversation is centered on one topic: technology. This seems to be a driving force behind many independent schools, as they are embracing technology rather than ignoring the latest developments. We know that the world is changing rapidly, so independent schools are using the latest technology to ensure that education doesn’t get left behind.

I had the pleasure of visiting Bryanston School (page 48) to see how they are using technology in new and exciting ways. They are definitely pushing the boundaries, but it was refreshing to see that pen and paper still has a place within the classroom. We also have a special report about cyber security (page 11), which reveals how schools are ensuring pupils stay safe online.


Technology in education will continue to grow, so if you have any thoughts on this subject please get in touch via I would love to hear how your school is preparing pupils for the future.