McAfee’€™s mascot competition

McAfee launch schools competition for a super hero mascot, to protect the online world from cybercrime

Security company McAfee is looking for primary school classes from year groups 4–6 (ages 8–11) to work together and create a superhero mascot, to represent its partnership with the Bletchley Park Trust, home of the World War II Codebreakers.

McAfee and Bletchley Park Trust are committed to working together to keep people of all ages safe online, and this summer will see the opening of a number of exhibitions and onsite workshops targeted at educating visitors around the ever-evolving cyber threat.

Primary school pupils are being asked to create either a physical or digital mascot, giving it a name and highlighting the key super powers their hero will possess. The winning next-generation superhero will be brought to life on McAfee’s website and provide advice on how children and adults alike can stay safe online.

First prize for the winning class is worth the equivalent of £800 and includes:

  • Being one of the first groups of students to attend the brand new McAfee Computer Learning Suite, McAfee Online Safety for Kids workshop and McAfee Cyber Security exhibition at Bletchley Park
  • 10 copies of McAfee LiveSafe software for the winning school – providing protection from viruses and malware across multiple devices – including PCs, Macs, and tablets
  • The chance for the winning class to see their cyber-security superhero brought to life on McAfee’s website, inspiring children and teachers to stay safe online.

Runner up prizes of McAfee Livesafe will be presented to the classes awarded 2nd and 3rd place.

Raj Samani, cyber-security expert at McAfee, said: “As a parent myself, I know engaging children around online safety is crucial to ensure they understand the threats, and how to behave appropriately online. We hope this competition will not only be fun for pupils, but also help them understand and appreciate the dangers that lurk online.”

Iain Standen, CEO at Bletchley Park Trust, said: “At Bletchley Park, with McAfee’s help, we hope to inspire the next generation of potential Codebreakers and cyber-security experts. This initiative is a great way to drive this vision forward, and truly engage children in the safe navigation of the digital world.”



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