Meeting digital with traditional

i3-Technologies presents total whiteboard solutions to help unite the digital and traditional classroom experience

i3-Technologies announces the availability of a range of best-of-breed solutions which, when combined, contribute to a unique whiteboard experience, enabling a smooth integration of digital and traditional classroom media.

The newest total solution offered by i3-Technologies combines all of the improvements mentioned above and more. It offers:

● An intuitive environment. Teachers and students can use this whiteboard environment without any learning curve at all. The whiteboards provide them with ‘a natural interface’ that they used to know in the era of analogue blackboards. Several students can even use the whiteboards simultaneously, each using their own blackboard pane with their individual preferences. 

● An unprecedented integration and interaction between the digital and analogue learning environments. The whiteboard senses fingertips as well as pens and measurement tools such as geotriangles and translates them instantly into digital information.

● Cloud-based intelligence. The information created on the whiteboard is made available in the cloud and can be retrieved on students’ personal devices, and vice versa.

● The lowest ever TCO. The combination of technologies such as the lampless projector which drastically increases the lifetime (up to 20,000 hours) and of superior materials (vouched for with a lifetime warranty), ensures a much longer lifespan for this total solution and a considerably lower energy bill.

The solution contains the following components:

● i3LEARNHUB: unique collaboration tools and physical-digital interaction. One component of the total solutions is the ‘i3LEARNHUB’ software, a free collaborative whiteboarding software for internet-enabled devices which improves the teaching and learning experience of both teachers and students. The cloud-based software interacts with products and mobile devices by i3-Technologies as well as other manufacturers.

● i3PROJECTOR Lampless: 20,000 hours lifetime, eco-friendly and significantly lower TCO. Another valuable component of the total solution consists of the i3PROJECTOR UWL, an ultra wide projector without lamp. This next generation lampless short-throw projector offers numerous improvements over previous generations and a significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership). Offering a brightness of 3000 lm and a light source lifetime of 20,000 hours, the i3PROJECTOR UWL is the ideal projection solution for classrooms and meeting rooms. 

● i3BOARD 135” 10-Touch Duo Surface: real multi-user collaboration and still perfectly dry-erasable. i3-Technologies’ latest addition to the whiteboard product range is the i3BOARD 135” 10-touch duo surface whiteboard, the largest whiteboard available using the latest technology. This board combines the best of both worlds. The large surface, combined with the multipoint touchscreen, increases the general visibility and enables simultaneous use of the whiteboard. The latter is also thanks to the multi-window feature, enabling to open different windows on the same board.  

About i3-Technologies TM

i3-TechnologiesTM is the technology brand of i3-Group, a global company with the mission to provide every learning and meeting environment in the world with affordable, easy access to inspiring ways of working by means of integrated solutions that foster interaction. i3-Technologies solutions typically consist of hardware and software technology products integrated with classic visual communication products and accessories to assist the environment’s users in presenting and collaborating effectively. Hence the brand name i3 (iii): interactive, integrate, inspiring.


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