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Lessons learnt: How ‘€˜business insight’€™ can help drive new efficiency & more sustainable procurement in the education sector

From schools and academies to colleges and universities, educational institutions are under unprecedented pressure as they strive to meet tightening targets on cost efficiency, quality and performance as well as student/pupil wellbeing. To succeed, establishments need visibility and control over their activities – yet also the insight and flexibility to drive innovation. The ultimate measure of success is that school leavers and graduates go on to do well -and that new intakes are inspired to come and follow in their footsteps, securing future income. But this cannot happen if finite levels of funding are compounded by poor efficiency in the way budgets and operations are managed, because sooner or later quality and creativity will suffer.

In many cases, competition has become a significant driver of performance and efficiency. This is leading schools, academies, colleges and universities to behave more like private businesses in the way they arrive at decisions and prioritise areas for attention. Whether at a primary, secondary or tertiary level, education providers must be able to differentiate their services, values, approach and results so that they continue to attract the best staff and the best pupils or students. The more efficiently institutions are run, the more likely they are to maintain funding – and to have the budget to pay for the resources they need.

How well individual establishments are doing against their various targets is determined partly by their ability to assess their efficiency and performance objectively. Rather than wait for external inspectors or auditors

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