Missed FOTE 2014? (video)

You can now catch up on all the recordings from the day

All of the Talks from the Future of Technology in Education are now available to view online:

Click here for the Full FOTE event playlist

Highlights include:

Dave Coplin, (Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft) discusses the incredible opportunities that lies in front of us when we think about the potential of humans plus machines.

Bethany Koby (CEO, Technology Will Save Us) explores 21st century learning and skills.

Miles Metcalfe (Independent) argues that we must learn to gaze into the future without becoming dazzled by the shiny.

The event trended nationally on twitter and the tweets were collated and summarised in this Storify link: FOTE14 in tweets

Slides from the event are also available to view on slideshare here: FOTE14 in slides

Enjoy catching up on what we think was one of the best events of the year!

Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/49445942@N02/15240862658/