Moscow school students gear up to enjoy a smart city education

The initiative has been specifically designed for secondary school students

Dedicated to future-proofing the next generation, the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) has announced a series of lectures and masterclasses on the subject of smart cities.

Catering to IT students across the Russian capital, the DIT has employed a number of industry experts to lead the programme throughout the school year. Designed to facilitate the development and implementation of IT solutions across the city, classes will boost students’ awareness of the opportunities available across the sector. The aim is to inspire young people to pursue their aspirations, with real-world advice from industry experts that will help to inform their educational decisions.

“While educating students on the basics of programming, big data analysis and information security is critical, they should also gain an understanding of how this knowledge is applied in practice. It is important they grasp how technology can change people’s lives for the better and helps businesses grow,” said Eduard Lysenko, head of the DIT and minister of the Moscow government.

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Lysenko has already delivered his own masterclass as part of the initiative, in which he provided an overview of how modern technology is used to manage a city of 12 million people, as well as how Moscow has become a global pioneer of smart cities. Future plans for continued urban digitalisation were also discussed.

Throughout 2020, experts will deliver classes in subjects such as big data, neural networks, communications infrastructure, information security, and other IT-related topics.

Last year, 35 IT-focused classes were launched in secondary schools across the city. Children learnt the basics of programming, robotics, and big data analytics. Their knowledge and expertise have since been enhanced by access to cutting-edge facilities, enabling them to build and program their own robot, develop their own mobile app, or create a 3D model. Graduates can apply to any of Moscow’s leading universities, preparing them for future employment in both international and national companies – including the DIT.

Alongside IT, learners can take up classes in engineering, medicine, and pre-vocational cadet classes. Centered on skills acquisition, these lessons have been created to help students compete for the most in-demand professions long before they graduate from university.

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