New University of Bath facility to develop low-carbon powertrain technologies

The Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems hopes to maintain a steady flow of qualified engineers through its graduate programmes

Headquartered at Bristol and Bath Science Park, the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS) is a brand-new and unique research and innovation facility set to launch in 2021. The Institute hopes to steer the world’s automotive industries by delivering future generations of advanced propulsion systems and ultra low emission vehicles.

Powered by cutting-edge equipment, the space will enable detailed systems-level research and whole vehicle analysis under authentic driving conditions. Designed to fulfil the needs of tomorrow’s world, the IAAPS will provide invaluable insights into the complex nature of transitioning to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, including electric cars and the propulsion system configurations for driverless cars.

The IAAPS will support greater collaboration across the sector and empower SME innovation, which is essential to the UK economy. The facility forms part of the government’s 2013 Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) investment of £1bn to deliver the ‘Propulsion Nation’.

The £70m research facility has been contracted by construction company Rydon. The University of Bath will work alongside Rydon and engineering solutions provider AVL, the chosen equipment supplier, to ensure the building can serve the needs of the transformative research that will be conducted there.

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While companies are free to locate anywhere in the world, the university, partners and stakeholders hope the IAAPS will bring them to the south west and cement the UK’s position as a pioneer of Ultra Low Emmission Vehicles.

“We are pleased to have appointed Rydon as the contractors for the new facility. This is an important component in realising the vision of the IAAPS,” said Professor Gary Hawley, dean of the faculty of engineering and design at the University of Bath.

“The Institute will place Bath at the forefront of future vehicle development in Europe, both from a technical perspective, and in terms of developing the talent that the industry will need in the future.”

“We are delighted to be delivering this much-anticipated research facility for the University of Bath,” added Paul Barber, regional director for Rydon.

“This building will house some of the world’s best engineers in a state-of-the-art facility that will positively impact the region and the UK automotive industry. We are proud to bring Rydon’s sector expertise with a passion for considerate construction and look forward to delivering this scheme to an exceptional quality.”