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From pencil and paper to stylus and tablet, how have upgrades in edtech affected teaching and learning across the education sector?


This issue is all about the evolution of edtech, and how it is affecting the way we teach and learn. Investing in gadgets is all well and good, but how are pedagogical models developing to support these new tools? Our lead feature on page 35 delves into the issue and speaks to experts on the front line of education about their experiences of pedagogical advancement.

The exponential speed of changes in tech is also under the microscope on page 45, where seven experts participate in our roundtable discussion on how teaching across the sector is keeping up with tech. We also look at how device storage and charging needs have progressed on page 53, with an insight into what classrooms in the BYOD era look like.

Tech developments are also a concern in the higher education space, and in our feature on page 57 we evaluate the tech stalwart of universities – the VLE – and whether they are still living up to their status as essential.

We’re also bringing you all the latest news from across the education sector, as well as news and from international events (see page 10) and opinion pieces from edtech specialists.  

All this, and lots more inside the mag!


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Charley Rogers
Education Technology