New robot is a class act

Wonder Workshop have launched a new robot, Cue, to help secondary school students develop 21st century skills

Wonder Workshop’s robotics and programming platform for students has been adopted as a teaching aid for coding and robotics in more than 15,000 schools worldwide. Now it has launched Cue, a robotic companion for students aged 11+.

Cue is intended to help students develop skills in physical coding and applied robotics, as well as a wider skill set of 21st century skills including critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and creative storytelling. Built-in sensors and “emotive AI” technology look to fully engage students, while the Wonder Workshop apps deliver a range of challenges. Cue responds to both block-based and JavaScript text-based code, allowing students to build upon and further develop their coding skills.

 “The premise is really simple,” said Wonder Workshop co-founder and CEO, Vikas Gupta. “Regardless of age, we all learn better when we’re engaged. If something feels like a chore, we’re far less likely to take it in. Learning with Cue – and the other Wonder Workshop CleverBots – is both challenging and fun, and that helps to make potentially difficult STEM subjects easier to grasp.”

Cue is Wonder Workshop’s first foray into the secondary education field. Apps are available for Windows 10, and will launch for Chromebooks in March.

 “Technology, robotics and coding are becoming increasingly crucial skills in the modern workplace,” added Gupta. “It’s predicted that by 2050 more than 40 percent of jobs will require them in one way or another. Acquiring them is no longer simply a nice addition to a CV; it’s essential.”