New technology aims to revolutionise school run

Parents of pupils at St Bede’s College, Manchester, will be able to track their children’s journey from bus stop to school gates and back again

A scheme aiming to encourage moving the school run from cars to public transport is set to get underway in Manchester.

Geofencing technology will allow parents of pupils at the city’s St Bede’s College to keep track of when pupils get on and off the bus, as well as giving real-time updates of when they pass through pre-determined journey markers.

Mathew Hassell is founder and CEO of Transport2’s management service, Kura.

“By using our Kura app, parents are greatly reassured,” he said.

“Not only can they be certain when a bus is due to arrive at their stop, but also that their child has safely arrived at the final stop on both legs of their daily journey.”

The tech is supported by a significant investment from Souter Investments

In the first instance, the optimisation of home-to-school transport will cater to 300+ pupils a day across six different travel routes.

The technology is backed by a seven-figure investment from Souter Investments – the investment vehicle of Stagecoach founder, Sir Brian Souter – with the aim of making school journeys across the UK safer, greener and more efficient.

“Looking at how our students travel to and from college, we identified a clear opportunity to further improve pupil safety and encourage a greater number of parents to feel comfortable opting for a school bus service,” said Lyn Quinn-Matthews, the bursar of St Bede’s.

“At the same time, there are clear benefits for the wider community and we are keen to play our part in Manchester achieving its targets to improve its environmental performance.”

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