Northern lights: the very best of Scandi edtech

The Nordic Edtech Alliance Awards will showcase five Nordic Edtech finalists ‘ready to conquer the world’

The Nordic Edtech Alliance is set to present five finalists at the XcitEd event in Helsinki on November 30.

The Alliance claims to have “many promising and exciting entrepreneurs in our countries,” citing the awards night finalists as prime examples. They are:

Lexplorea service for detecting dyslexia

Mightifier teaching social and emotional skills via positive peer feedback

EduLab – MatematikfessorWorking in the fields of mathematics and adaptivity

Kara ConnectConnects special education teachers to students requiring special one-to-one help, offering access to help through on-line therapy

Edtech Foundry/Differa messaging app that creates active learning communities, allowing students to collaborate. It also uses chatbot teaching assistants to automate student follow-up, to ensure no student is left behind

Scandinavia attracts “a lot of capital due to a high degree of innovation, userability, high technology and scaleability,” says the Nordic Edtech Alliance . “A strong gaming industry and fintech scene are examples of this. With an internationally renowned education system, good at developing future skills like collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship, and leading in digitalising the education sector, Nordic Edtech has all the right ingredients.”

Nordic Edtech Alliance is a partnership between Nordic Edtech communities and stakeholders, looking to encourage investment and international bridge-building. The Nordic Edtech Startup Award is NEA’s first cooperative initiative.


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