November issue of Independent Education Today is here!

This month we are talking about all things catering as we delve into lunchtime menus


Welcome to the issue that always gives me an appetite – it’s the catering issue! This month we are talking about all things food, including new dining facilities and cookery lessons. In our special report on page 21, independent school caters reveal how they are meeting pupil expectations by regularly changing menus, experimenting with street food and using technology so pupils can easily update their dietary requirements. As Hannah Vickers explains in her report, long gone is the ‘get what you are given’ mentality.  

And that’s not all. We are also looking at a subject that is close to the heart of many independent schools: partnerships. When I reached out to schools to find out their stories I was inundated with responses, as so many independent schools are already working with their local community. I interviewed Shaun Fenton, Headmaster of Reigate Grammar School, about this and he summed it up perfectly when he said, “It’s almost impossible to find an independent school that isn’t working in partnership with sections of its local community.” And he was right – see just a snapshot of these partnerships on pages 37-41.

Finally, don’t miss Richard Stedeford’s article about increasing sporting opportunities for children with a disability on page 59, it is an inspiring read. Until next time…



The Role of Testing within Digital Transformations

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