Ntegra pledge £10K for Innovation Fund

Ntegra has launched a brand new Innovation Fund for the education sector, open to all Berkshire secondary schools

Ntegra has allocated £10,000 to develop inventive and ground-breaking ideas from students that advance educational goals through the use of technology.

Andy Davies CEO of Ntegra, said: “Technology now plays a pivotal role in everyday life, whether in work, school or our social lives. Our young people grow up with an array of technology on offer which is now a way of life. Our Innovation Fund is designed to harness their creativity for learning. Putting the power in their hands will help us to develop new ways of learning that they can relate to and enjoy.”

Ideas submitted can be for the whole fund of £10,000 or smaller amounts, meaning potentially more than one idea could be implemented. Davies continued: “We are looking for innovative ideas that get people thinking in an imaginative way. Not only is the project designed to be fun but we are hoping it will unleash ideas that will be a benefit to schools in the future. We are really excited and looking forward to receiving the entries and seeing what the students come up with.”

Entries must be no more than 500 words and sponsored by a teacher. Entries will close on Friday 11th July.  Winners will be announced during September 2014.  

For further information on Ntegra please visit: www.ntegra.co.uk