Online tool to support postgrads

A new website to help prospective postgraduate students find the right courses is to be developed by the four UK higher education funding bodies

The online decision-making tool, provisionally called ‘PGT Choices’, will be launched in 2015.

It is designed to help prospective postgraduate taught (PGT) students identify the sorts of questions to ask when deciding what and where to study, and to signpost sources of relevant information.

The work is being overseen by the Postgraduate Information Steering Group, which brings together representatives from across the higher education sector. It is part of a wider programme of work to address some of the challenges and opportunities facing postgraduate provision.

Professor Madeleine Atkins, HEFCE Chief Executive, said: “This is a time of significant change for the postgraduate taught education market. It is essential to ensure that students considering postgraduate study at UK universities and colleges have the information they need to help them decide what and where to study.”