Portugal combats cloud tech skills gap

A new partnership between Portugal Telecom and Beira Interior University aims to combat the cloud tech skills gap

With 64% of UK CEOs worried about finding skilled workers for new positions, it is important to be working with schools, businesses must support schools with valuable first-hand experience for students. Telecom company Portugal Telecom (PT) is leading the way by partnering with Beira Interior University (UBI) in Covilhã, Portugal, to provide students with access to specialist labs and research.

The project will create four laboratories in the Covilhã region that allow students to carry out research and development projects, create intellectual capital and develop professional skills. The four facilities will provide specialist equipment for work in cloud computing, health technology, professional paths and certification in cloud, and software testing and validation.

PT has worked closely with UBI in the last few years to provide support training, innovation and development (I&D) and entrepreneurship. The relationship has taken on a new dimension since the launch of PT’s Covilhã data centre last September – a state-of-the-art facility which is one of the largest, most efficient and ecological data centres in the world.

In addition to the new Cloud Computing, Health, Professional Certification and Software Testing Labs, PT and UBI are looking to expand into other domains in the near future, integrating even more vital skills. The new centre will be well placed to respond to new demands in emerging markets within IT and cloud services.

Portugal Telecom’s CEO of Cloud Unit, Miguel Moreira, said: “The partnership agreement reinforces the strong relationship between PT and UBI, as well as bringing the scientific world and the business world closer together.

“Investing in preparation of skilled workers and the creation of intellectual capital is an incredibly important responsibility for the technology sector, especially in the fast-moving world of cloud computing. The partnership will also help contribute to the economic development of the region, attracting new businesses and consequently creating new skilled jobs.”


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Wednesday, January 26, 11AM (GMT)