Positive reinforcements

South Essex College creates an inspirational feel by placing positive messages around campus

Bullying is a key cause for concern in UK schools. The media is constantly picking up on bullying now thanks to the increased visibility of the problem through smartphones and the internet. With cases of standard and cyber-bullying seemingly everywhere, it’s clearly a global problem.

According to social change organisation Do Something, 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year, which causes 160,000 children to skip school daily. Breaking the boundaries about bullying and reinforcing school policies is crucial.

It is important to establish a positive environment for all students. For example, South Essex College tried to create an inspirational feel by placing positive messages around the campus. They have utilised large format printing technology by Precision Printing, to reinforce the anti-bullying and equality campaign that runs throughout their institution.

There are numerous ways of trying to introduce non-bullying policies in schools, however, it is going to take a while until they become ingrained in the pupils as an ideology.

You can take numerous approaches, such as providing educational classes about bullying, reinforcing prevention policies and instituting post-event policies that closely monitor how a student is being treated. You can also introduce families to a charity that deals specifically with bullying such as Bullying UK.

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