Record number of kids now coding

More than 14,000 schools and pupils are now learning to code with Ocado Technology’s Rapid Router

A record number of pupils are now learning to code with Rapid Router, the free primary coding resource developed by Ocado Technology and specialist ICT teachers.

More than 14,000 schools, pupils, teachers and even parents now regularly use the key stage 1 and key stage 2 resource.

The news comes as the biggest ever update is launched. From today, upper key stage 2 pupils can use Rapid Router to learn Python programming language. This new skill paves the way for pupils to create a variety of applications including games and websites. Plus they can use it for data analysis and scientific computing, and programming embedded devices such as Raspberry PI.

The Python element and the new levels have been developed by Ocado Technology, in conjunction with specialist ICT advisers and teachers. 

Tested on over 100 primary pupils, the significant new update involved over 150 hours of volunteered development time from Ocado Technology, it features: 

  • New levels: 59 new levels separated into five different episodes which are all closely linked to the computing curriculum. 
  • Introduction to Python: This episode introduces students to a coding language that is used by both academia and industry. Once the students have learnt basic Python skills, they can potentially use it to create all sorts of applications. This episode starts the process slowly, allowing pupils to use Blockly to solve levels. Then the Blocky is converted to Python so pupils can view and move through the process. There are 12 levels to reinforce the previously learnt Blockly concepts in Python. 
  • Python advanced: This episode hides the Blockly, encouraging pupils to use the Python language they learnt in the previous episode. There are 18 new levels enabling pupils to practice their newly learnt Python skills.
  • Limited blocks episode: 10 new levels which restrict the number of uses of each block to reinforce the concepts that have been introduced in the previous episodes. This episode is a good refresher for those who have taken a break from Rapid Router and need a quick refresh.
  • Procedures: This episode features seven new levels, introducing the concept of ‘procedures’. Procedures are used in coding to separating code into smaller reusable pieces.
  • Blockly brain teasers: This episode introduces the most advanced Blockly levels yet. Presented as “brain teasers”, these 12 levels exercise pupils’ understanding of the concepts, challenging them to solve tricky problems. Some of these levels are extremely hard. Only the most gifted and talented students will find all the solutions!

The resource includes a fun coding game with a ‘create’ mode for pupils to build their own challenges. It now features more than 109 levels that help teach children the principles of programming. It also includes a series of videos where different types of computer programmers explain how they use coding in their careers.


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Wednesday, January 26, 11AM (GMT)