Rosetta Stone and Acesse in new deal

Rosetta Stone accelerates its education business by providing language-learning solutions via Acesse University

Rosetta Stone Inc, the world’s leading provider of education technology and language-learning solutions, has announced a partnership with Acesse Corporation to bring Rosetta Stone’s award winning language solutions to more than 400,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide through Acesse’s soon-to-launch continuing education product, Acesse University.

The partnership will position Rosetta Stone to further its growth in the corporate and enterprise sectors by expanding its reach in the valuable small business market, and will strengthen the company’s presence in newer geographies, including China.

Serving 400,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world, Acesse University will enable its members to stay competitive in today’s dynamic global economy by offering courses that will improve their business acumen. Highlights of the curriculum include Internet marketing, business fundamentals, technical skills, and language training.  

“In an increasingly global marketplace, language abilities impact individual and organizational success, and businesses are looking for effective solutions,” said Judy Verses, President of Global Enterprise & Education at Rosetta Stone. “Our partnership with Acesse will touch small business owners across the globe, and help them achieve language skills that are critical to reaching their business goals.”

Over the past five years, Acesse has helped entrepreneurs by providing them with high quality, affordable, and easy to use products and services in a digital environment where there is constant change. The upcoming launch of Acesse University will fortify Acesse’s position in the rapidly evolving digital space by providing entrepreneurs with a continuous learning environment to establish and grow their businesses.




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Tuesday, November 30, 11AM (GMT)