School kids worry about future choices

Secondary school students are not receiving the right support to make critical career decisions, according to new research

A lack of guidance at school and pressures from parents causing 91% to be worried about their future, according to new research from schools network,

The survey, carried out among 1,550 secondary school students, reveals 61% are anxious about their career choice and unprepared for the future. Over two-thirds (69%) feel they are being pressurised into making big decisions, with 38% specifically feeling pressure to follow in the family footsteps in terms of career choice.

The research from supports the findings of an Ofsted report from 2013, which showed that three-quarters of schools are failing to provide adequate careers advice to students, following being made responsible by the government for doing so in 2012.

“With schools ill-equipped to guide pupils through the complex process of choosing a suitable career or further education option, it’s not surprising that students are feeling anxious and confused about their future,” said Emerson Osmond, COO of Unii, the company behind and former Head of Information and Advice at UCAS.

“Studently aims to help allay teenagers’ concerns, opening their eyes to potential studies and careers, and connecting them with like-minded students around the country.”

The biggest concern among all students is making the wrong career choice, although girls are more worried than boys about what they are going to do with their lives. Girls appear to lack confidence more about not being good enough for the job they want, while boys are more anxious about not earning enough money.

Table shows the top concerns of students about future careers 

Making the wrong decision and not being about to change it


I won’t be good enough at the career I want to do


Not making enough money


Making a decision without the right information


Being forced into a decision I’m not sure about


My friends or family will disapprove


I will have to move away from home



Studently has been designed by the team at student social networking platform, led by CEO and founder Marco Nardone, with the needs of secondary school students in mind, helping to guide them on a path to their future. The site has now officially launched in the UK, having already grown quickly in the beta phase with 50,000 students signed up since May 2014. 

Starting with the My DNA quiz, Studently enables secondary school pupils to uncover more about their likes, dislikes, fears and aspirations and how their personality might be suited to different types of learning and careers. This data is then matched with relevant courses available at UK universities in order to offer the user a thorough overview of the sort of options open to them.

The site holds specific course information for every university in one place and those who sign up can search by course, institution and location. There is even the ability to find out where mates are heading off to and chat with other like minded students considering the same options via the in built fully moderated, social network facility.