School WiFi supports 1,400 devices

Berkhamsted School has deployed a Meru WiFi network to support 800 school-owned and 600 student-owned mobile devices

The network also supports VoIP, climate control systems, CCTV and sound and lighting systems in the school’s theatre complex. 

The School, which recently merged with two others in Hertfordshire, regards its WiFi as the “glue” in its technology and a key component of its four-year technology plan. The network is deployed throughout the campus and buildings – some dating back over 470 years. 

“The big revolution in education is mobile’” according  to Mark Steed, principal at Berkhamsted School. “Mobile devices are transforming the way we learn and the way we teach.  That functionality and portability between school and home is a true enabler today. We used to collaborate by talking on the train or bus home, now we collaborate all the time using mobile devices.”

Berkhamsted joins more than 2,000 schools in UK and Ireland using Meru solutions.