Scottish digital skills fund doubles in size

Digital Xtra Fund, an educational programme designed to engage more Scottish students in extracurricular digital skills, has received a boost in funding

Scottish charity Digital Xtra Fund has doubled its funding to support the engagement of Scottish students in extracurricular digital skills activities.

The charity supports extracurricular computing initiatives that aim to inspire young people across Scotland to understand and create with technology.

To date, the fund has distributed £550,000 in support of 55 programmes, with an active engagement of over 20,000 across Scotland.

Funding in 2019 will support 22 computing projects across the country, ranging from robotics and coding, to app development and the internet of things (IoT).

Kraig Brown, partnerships and development manager for the Digital Xtra Fund, said: Digital skills are becoming increasingly essential for most careers, regardless of industry, so it is vital that we equip as many children as possible with these skills from a young age.”

Funding and support is provided by a variety of industry partners, including the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, Skyscanner, and JP Morgan.

For more information on the fund, visit

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