Scottish students offered a head start in tech

TCS Digital Explorers saw pupils listen to – and meet – a whole host of industry experts

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has completed its second TCS Digital Explorers Experience Work event in Scotland. The global IT services organisation helped give almost 1000 local Scottish students aged 12–18 the opportunity to find out about careers at the cutting edge of technology.

Digital Explorers took place earlier this month, was a programme of interactive workshops, masterclasses, keynotes and panel sessions, with topics including coding, crypto-currency and the internet of things. Following the daily panel sessions, students practiced their networking skills with visiting industry experts from companies such as Amazon, Skyscanner, IBM, RBS, Eqtr and JP Morgan.

“The UK is facing a growing digital skills gap, and for students to reach their true potential, the education sector, government and private sector need to work together,,” said Gopalan Rajagopalan, Head of Scotland at TCS.“Today’s children grow up surrounded by technology, but this isn’t translating to interest in technology careers. Scotland has a long tradition of innovation and creative thinking. The technology sector is an important part of Scotland’s economic future and TCS is committed to bridging the skills gap and showing the next generation that lucrative jobs in the tech sector are rewarding and intellectually stimulating.”

Alan McCurdy, a computer science teacher who attended the event, said: “We wanted to get the kids involved so they could get familiar with how business works, and that there are different areas of STEM. We have more girls here than boys, and we wanted to get the girls more enthused about what’s provided, especially today.”

Click the link to find out more about TCS’ IT Futures initiative.